System rules BoxInSite
Registering in the system BoxInSite, You automatically agree to the following rules. The administration reserves the right to make additions and changes to the rules without prior notice to participants.

1 General provisions

1.1 Registration and participation in the system BoxInSite absolutely free and free .

1.2 Your email address must be valid. The administration reserves the right to use the participants email to send out general announcements.

1.3 The administration undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of information specified by the user during registration.

1.4 It is forbidden to have more than one account in the system. When detecting re-registrations and re-registrations for the purpose of fraud, all accounts are deleted. Deleted account can not be restored.

1.5 It is prohibited to use spam to attract new members to the system.

1.6 The use of any methods for cheating or hacking the system is a flagrant violation of the rules and entails the deletion of the account without explaining the reasons.

1.7 For violation of service rules BoxInSite imposing penalties, up to the deletion of the account.

1.8 The withdrawal of money from the system is carried out only by the administration after checking the user's activity within 5 working days.

1.9 The administration strongly recommends using complex combinations of account passwords, not using passwords from other sites. All responsibility for the safety of the account rests with the owner.

2 Responsibilities of the webmaster

2.1 The webmaster should not add to the system sites violating the norms of public morality, containing profanity, as well as pornographic materials.

2.2 The webmaster has the opportunity to remove advertising materials posted on his website only if they contain profanity, pornographic materials, violate the norms of public morality. In other cases, funds from the webmasters account can be withheld in favor of the advertiser.

3 Advertiser responsibilities

3.1 Prohibited advertising sites that violate the norms of public morality, containing profanity, as well as pornographic materials.

3.2 The advertiser bears full responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided to them, as well as for violation of the rights of third parties when publishing information.

3.3 The advertiser has the right to remove the posted advertising materials in the following cases.:

- code showcases links or banners is not on the site webmasters ;
- the site on which advertising materials were placed is not available or its loading is difficult.

In any other cases, the advertiser can remove no more than 20 single transactions and two mass per week. Every Monday the limits are reset.


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