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Mass purchase is a special tool for advertisers that allows you to quickly and conveniently place advertisements on all sites in our system. The interface is divided into two main groups: the purchase of shop windows of links and windows of banners. Switching is carried out using tabs.

To select the required sites, the advertiser must adjust the form in accordance with their requirements. The screenshot shows the search form in its original state, the numbers indicate the main points, the description of which is located below.

1 Topics. All sites in our system are assigned to one of the categories in the list. The advertiser can select one or more categories. For multiple selection, you need to hold down the "Alt" key on the keyboard and left-click on the necessary items. If the themes of the sites are not important to you or you want to include all sites of the system in the search, then select the "All topics" option, which is set by default. The choice of category greatly affects the number of sites found.

2 Price per week. The cost of placing a banner in our system can not be less than 1 usd and is strictly integer. The cost is indicated for the weekly placement period and cannot be changed during the placement process. You can set the boundaries of cost using a special slider with positional labels. The whole scale is arranged in such a way that displays the minimum and maximum cost of placing a banner in the system. As a rule, sites with low attendance set lower cost.

3 Hits. This option allows you to limit the search sites by the number of page views by users. We recommend setting the number of impressions so that it exceeds the number of views 3 times or more.

4 Hosts. This parameter allows you to limit the search sites by the number of unique visitors per day. The higher this parameter, the larger the audience will see your ad.

7 Link address. In this field, you must enter the address of the advertised site, the maximum length of 255 characters. The entered information does not affect the search sites.

8 Address of the image. Here you must specify a direct link to the image of the banner. It is allowed to use images only in jpg, png or gif format, the banner size should not exceed 250kb.

9 Banner size. Our advertising network uses 16 banner formats: 468x60, 1000x90, 728x90, 600x90, 300x250, 250x250, 240x400, 234x60, 200x300, 200x200, 160x600, 150x150, 125x125, 120x600, 100x100, 88x31 (dimensions are in pixels). Each banner platform uses one of these formats, you need to choose the one that matches the size of your banner. The use of banners that do not fit under any of these formats is not recommended, since the image will be compressed or drained.

10 Terms time. Fpr all banner or links platforms of the system, the placement period starts 1 week and cannot exceed 4 weeks. This parameter significantly affects the tip cost of the purchase, but does not affect the number of sites found.

After all the fields are filled in and parameters are set, you need to click on the "Find" button. Below is a list of found sites. For convenience, the page displays 100 entries, under the list there is a page switch. The list displays the main parameters of each storefront, its address and cost. If the term of placement was chosen over 1 week, the cost is indicated for the selected period. Advertiser available single purchase and multiple choice. To make a purchase on the same windshield, just click on the basket icon and you will be taken to the page displaying the result and choosing a payment method.

To purchase in several windows it is necessary to tick the necessary checkboxes. If you want to mark all the windows on the page at once, click on the general checkbox (number 1 in the screenshot). He is also responsible for inverting the selection: when clicked, all the checked boxes are removed, and unchecked ones are set. As soon as you check at least one checkbox, a translucent bar (number 2 in the screenshot) appears at the bottom of the page with information on the number of marked items, the total purchase price and the Go to Purchase button. When switching pages, all selected showcases are saved and you can add or exclude any showcase from the list at any time.

Once you have decided on the choice of sites, you must click on the "Go to purchase" button and select a payment method. All purchased banners or links will be posted immediately after payment and you can track their status in the "Shopping" section.

If you want to change any parameters after the search, all the windows found will be hidden. It is necessary to once again press the "Find" button, which will allow the system to generate a new issue with changes.


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